Topic Highlights

Electric Vehicles UAE will focus on different aspects of Planning infrastructure requirements, supporting regulation and policy formation and encouraging EV integration through incentives in the UAE including:

  • Insurance and benefits
  • New standards and norms for EVs
  • Charging solutions for public and private spaces
  • Supercharger and time to charge
  • Batteries and characteristics
  • Parking spaces
  • Incentive to push EVs use
  • Investment and UAE policy in terms of clean energy
  • New regulations to be implemented regarding electric vehicles
  • Dubai Strategy Plan for clean and green mobility
  • Certification and inspection procedure with alternative energy vehicles
  • Adaptability of the batteries to high ambient temperature.
  • Protection of drivers and passengers against electric shock.
  • Safety of batteries against explosion due to overheating.
  • Safety of the vehicles in case of front and side impact.
  • Vehicles’ ability to withstand Extreme weather conditions in the UAE